Head of the Rock

On October 13, Marquette Crew attended the Head of the Rock Regatta in Rockford, Illinois. All four squads raced well, all entering both 8+ and 4+ boats. A special shout out to the Novice Women’s 4+, who went home with 3rd place medals.

The Varsity Men’s 8+ finished 13th with a final time of 16:25.20. The 4+ claimed 10th after passing four boats ahead of them, at a time of 17:01.00. The Varsity Women raced their openweight 4+, who also finished 10th in their race, ending with a time of 19:35.15. The 8+ ended in 14th place (17:55.50).

On the Novice team, the men raced their 4+ at a time of 18:01.04, claiming 6th place, by passing four other boats. The 8+ overtook three boats to complete the course at a 17:33.58 (8th place). The Novice women also made a showing at this regatta, not only entering a 4+, but also two 8+ boats.  The 4+ medaled, claiming 3rd place at a time of 20:28.79, beating the 4th place boat by 40 seconds. The two 8+ battled it out, finally placing in 7th for the A boat (19:32.32), and 10th for the B Boat (21:49.98).

A huge thanks to the Murray’s for their continued generosity in feeding us and letting the team take over their house for a night. Good job to all the rowers and squads, and next stop: Boston!

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