Marquette Crew attended MACRA on April 26. The day dawned bright and sunny; however, races were delayed until mid-afternoon, as the wind conditions resulted in heavy chop in the race course. After pushing the races back several hours, all the crews finally were able to start racing. The race officials started off with the varsity eights, as they were seen to be the most able to deal with the adverse conditions. As the races went by with little problems, eventually all the eights and fours were able to compete, varsity and novice.

The varsity women raced both an 8+ and a 4+. The 8+ was the first Marquette crew to go out, and ultimately came in third in their heat, with an overall time of 7:38.0. The 4+ placed 4th in their heat with an 8:19.9, a very successful send off for senior Nettie Egel. The varsity men raced a 4+, in which they placed 5th in heat (7:59.1). The novice teams had some very successful races, with a boat from each team continuing onto the grand finals. The novice women had both a 4+ and an 8+ go out. The 4+ grabbed 5th in their heat, completing the course with a 9:06.7. The women’s novice 8+ swept out the competition, taking home a trophy for the team. In the grand finals, they finished 1st overall with a time of 8:00.4, just over 25 seconds in front of the 2nd place boat. The novice men also had a 4+ and a 8+ race. The 8+ placed 4th in their heat, with a time of 7:15.4. The NM 4+ placed second in their heat for their first race (7:16.0), allowing them to continue onto the grand finals, in which they finished 5th overall (7:43.3).  All our crews had a great first spring race experience, and are now eagerly awaiting and training for the culmination of all their hard work at Dad Vails. 

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