Milwaukee River Challenge 2014

This Saturday marked the 14th Annual Milwaukee River Challenge. With the largest number of participants in history (around 900), it was a race to watch! As the first regatta of our season, only the varsity teams rowed, but the novice got to experience it all at the Harp Irish Pub, with some great views of the passing crews. Thanks to all the parents, friends, and alumni who showed up to support the team, and who helped make it a great success.

The day started off with the Women’s Open 4+ events, in which the Varsity Women has two boats race. The “A” boat, stroked by Emily Riesgraf, finished in 16th place, with a time of 20:47.46, but was quickly followed by the “B” boat, with Becca L'Hote at the helm. The second boat finished in 21:51.12, placing them in 20th place. The next event was the Varsity Men’s 8+, who grabbed a top 10 finish with their time of 17:19.30, finishing in 8th place. The team also had an alumni boat race in this event, who gave it their all and completed the course right behind the VM, at 17:31.97 (11th place). The final event of the day was the Women’s 8+, in which the team had two collegiate boats, and an alumni boat compete. The VW 8+ A finished in 10th place (19:06.45), followed by the alumni boat (13th, 19:32.73), and quickly tailed by the VW B boat at 20:13.03, in 15th place. The Men’s 4+ were ultimately cancelled, due to some heavy wind and river currents. Overall, it was a very successful day of racing, to be followed in two weeks by the Tail of the Fox regatta, where the novice will have their very first race!

Make sure to check out the race photos to check out all the action! 

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