Tail of the Fox 2014

This Sunday, Marquette Crew raced at the Tail of the Fox Regatta in De Pere, WI. After travelling up the day before, race day dawned bright, sunny, and windy. This race was also the first chance that the novice had to race, and for them to finally test their new found skills against other crews. While fall races are generally 5000M in length, because of the layout of this course, and some very strong cross-winds, the race was shortened to just under 3000M.

This race was a huge success for all four teams. The varsity women raced both an 8+ and three 4+s. The 8+ finished 2nd, at a time of 8:49.5, only 6 seconds behind the first place boat. The three 4+s competed in a strong event, ultimately finishing in 1st, 3rd, and 6th place. The B boat claimed a time of 9:34.5, followed by the A boat at 9:50.4, and finally, the C boat with a final time of 10:39.2. The varsity men also raced an 8+ and two 4+s (open and lightweight). The 4+s had some great success, with the lightweight 4+ placing 2nd (8:51.8), and the openweight 4+ finishing 1st (8.26.0). The open men's 8+ completed the course in 7:52.8, ultimately placing 6th. 

The novice women raced two 8+s and two 4+s, and every boat medaled. The two 8+s placed 1st and 2nd, 9:43.5 and 9:54.5 respectively. On the other side, the 4A finished the race in 10:06 (1st), 40 seconds in front of the second place boat. The 4B was quick on their tail, completing the course in 11:20.3 (3rd). Finally, the novice men competed in the Novice Men's 8 event, rowing the course in 9:16.2, claiming a third place finish. 

The weekend was a great way to hit off the full regatta season, with all crews racing. Marquette Crew had a total of 10 boats medal, an unparalleled victory. We would like to thank everyone who made this possible, with a special thanks to our biggest supporters, our parents. None of this would be possible without your continued support and help. We hope to see everyone in the next month, as our regatta this Sunday approaches, and the Head of the Charles looms on the horizon. 

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