Head of the Charles 2014

This year, Marquette Crew received a bid for both their Varsity Men’s and Alumni Men’s 8+ to race at the Head of the Charles, in Boston from October 18th-19th. The Varsity Men’s team was coxed by Alli King, and from stern to bow, was rowed by Adam Kobiela, Cristian Kuang, Ryan Nelsen-Freund, James Schiraj, Elliott Sarich, Ricky Kaufmann, Yousif Maizy, and Lucas Henk. These eigth men (and one woman) trained extensively in preparation for one of the biggest regattas in the world, and were helped by their coach, Megan McCulloch. The Varsity Men raced on Sunday, the second day of races. The men finished with a time of 18:19.06 (43rd place).

The Alumni Men raced on the first day of the regatta, Saturday the 18th. Coxed by Alec Hurley, the boat consisted of Zach Savage, Rick Mehl, Dan Otterson, Adam Sullivan, Roberto Gonzalez Haddock, Mike Thometz, Jake Dahleen and John Albrecht. These men finished the course in 35th place, at a time of 16:45.49, only 1:52.15 from the first place boat.

This was a great showing for both of the Marquette Men’s crews, and definitely an experience to remember for them all. However, there is no time to rest, as the Varsity Men continue on with the rest of Marquette Crew to race at the Head of the Eagle in Indianapolis, IN on this coming Saturday (10/25/14). We hope to see some familiar faces there as we battle it out at our last regatta of the season!

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