Head of the Eagle 2014

Marquette Crew attended the final regatta of the year, the Head of the Eagle, in Indianapolis, IN, this last Saturday. Racing alongside teams like Purdue, University of Dayton, and Grand Valley, the 72⁰ day was a perfect way to finish the season. The course consisted of two 90⁰ turns within meters of each other, effectively making the crews race up the river and then turn completely around to race back down.

The regatta divided the A boats and the B boats into separate races, so no Marquette boat raced against each other. The Novice Women took home 3 boats of medals, with both the 8+ B (23:20.53), and the 4+ A (24:27.93) claiming 2nd place, and the 4+ B snagging 3rd (27:00.79). The NW 8+ A boat also had a great race, finishing 4th at 21:47.23. For the Novice Men, they raced both an 8+ A and a 4+ A. In the 8+, the crew finished the course in 20:32.41, grabbing 6th place, and for the 4+, with a time of 24:02.35, obtained 7th place. On the varsity side, the Men competed in the 8+ 1V race, ultimately placing 4th (20:41.61), and the 4+ 1V race, for a time of 20:11.20 (5th).  Finally, the Varsity Women competed in both the 4+ 1V (22:14.45) and the 4+ 2V (24:12.61). Both boats claimed 4th place, with the 1V only .35 seconds off of 3rd place. To end the day, the VW also raced in the 8+ 1V and the 8+ 2V and both boats placed 3rd in their races, with times of 21:56.95 and 23:34.35 respectively.

The team had numerous boats go home with medals, a tangible representation of all the hard work the rowers have put into the season. The docks are coming out on November 8th, and then the team hits the erg room for winter training, working to drop those seconds. A huge thanks to everyone who made this season possible, the generosity and support we received from alumni, parents, coaches and other teams allowed us to fully dedicate ourselves to each row. We look forward to seeing everyone in the spring!

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