Midwinter Melt Down

On January 25, Marquette Crew attended Midwinter Meltdown Indoor Regatta, hosted by the Mendota Rowing Club at the UW Madison boathouse.  We were joined by MSOE, St. Thomas Crew, Crystal Lake Rowing Club, numerous crossfit organizations and various other teams.  The team competed in the individual 2k events, so each rower finished their own 2k on an erg, along with entering two teams into the Women’s Relay 4 x 500m and one team into the Men’s Relay 4x 500m, and a 1k coxswain race. Many of our rowers beat their own personal records, which count as great accomplishments, for both them and the team.

Congratulations to all the rowers who placed in the top three in their events and got to go home with medals!  From the novice men’s team, Ricky Kaufmann came in third place with a time of 6:55.7. The novice women’s team had two rowers place, with Jessica Dreyer coming in first with a time of 7:51.9, and Hattie Van Metre close behind in third place (08:04.1). The varsity women medaled in both the lightweight and openweight events, with Rebecca L'Hote representing the team under lightweight, finishing third with a time of 8:17.7, and Jenn Varallo and Hannah Mullett placing second and third respectively, with times of 7:55.9 and 7:59.8. Three of our coxswains placed, with Christine Grossman from the varsity women in second (04:16.9), and Corinne Kwapis from the novice women close behind in third (04:19.1), along with Steven Burns from the varsity men (04:12.1) in third for the men. Finally, our women’s mixed relay team, composed of Jenn Varallo, Hannah Mullett, Elle Maus, and Jessica Dreyer placed in second (01:45.5 avg.), missing out on first place by a sliver. We’ll see what else our rowers have in store at CIRC, drawing close on the 22nd of February.


Head of the Charles

Over Fall Break, Marquette Crew sent their entire Varsity team to attend the 49th Annual Head of the Charles Regatta, in Boston, Massachusetts. The races took place over the weekend, from the 19th-20th. The team had three boats competing, a Women’s Collegiate 4+, a Women’s Light Weight 4+ and a Men’s Collegiate 4+.

On Saturday, October 19th, both the Women’s and Men’s Collegiate 4+ boats raced. The men’s boat, consisting of Jacob Dahleen, Daniel Otterson, Joe Kriefall, and Alec Richard, with Steven Burns coxing, raced with bow number 30. The boat passed six bow numbers who were in front of them, including Middlebury, Vassar, Amherst, Vanderbilt, Case and NYU. Overall, the men placed 27th, with a final time of 17:59.3. The open weight women, containing Katy Longee, Ali Smith, Hannah Mullett, and Jenn Varallo, with Christine Grossman coxing, raced immediately after the men.  Through the course, the women held their own, finally finishing with a time of 20:45.74, placing them at 30th.

Head of the Charles wrapped up for Marquette Crew with the Lightweight Women’s 4+, with Becca L’Hote, Katie Turek, Kristyn Furst, and Laura Plager rowing, and Nettie Egel coxing. The boat held a consistent place the entire race, completing the course in a time of 22:57.55, in 15th place.

Congratulations to all the rowers for competing, whether for their first or last time, in this renowned regatta. As the season draws to the end, a final thanks out to all the parents, alumni, and friends of Marquette Crew who have helped make these regattas a success. 

Head of the Rock

On October 13, Marquette Crew attended the Head of the Rock Regatta in Rockford, Illinois. All four squads raced well, all entering both 8+ and 4+ boats. A special shout out to the Novice Women’s 4+, who went home with 3rd place medals.

The Varsity Men’s 8+ finished 13th with a final time of 16:25.20. The 4+ claimed 10th after passing four boats ahead of them, at a time of 17:01.00. The Varsity Women raced their openweight 4+, who also finished 10th in their race, ending with a time of 19:35.15. The 8+ ended in 14th place (17:55.50).

On the Novice team, the men raced their 4+ at a time of 18:01.04, claiming 6th place, by passing four other boats. The 8+ overtook three boats to complete the course at a 17:33.58 (8th place). The Novice women also made a showing at this regatta, not only entering a 4+, but also two 8+ boats.  The 4+ medaled, claiming 3rd place at a time of 20:28.79, beating the 4th place boat by 40 seconds. The two 8+ battled it out, finally placing in 7th for the A boat (19:32.32), and 10th for the B Boat (21:49.98).

A huge thanks to the Murray’s for their continued generosity in feeding us and letting the team take over their house for a night. Good job to all the rowers and squads, and next stop: Boston!

Tail of the Fox

Marquette Crew travelled up to De Pere, Wisconsin on the weekend of October 5th and 6th for the 24th Tail of the Fox Regatta. This was the novice’s first regatta, and luckily for them, was only 3500 meters. Marquette raced all four squads at this race, with the novice and varsity women racing both 4+ and 8+ boats.

The novice women’s 4+ kicked off the regatta for Marquette Crew, finishing 2nd in their race, with an overall time of 16:04.5. The two 8+ boats battled each other to the finish line, with the A boat finishing in 1st place (15:31.5) and the B boat following close behind in 2nd (16:45.2). The novice men also had a successful race, completing the course in 13:10.0, claiming 2nd place. All the novice rowers went home with their first medals.

The varsity men raced their 8+, placing 4th in their race at a time of 11:48.9. The varsity women’s 8+ successfully finished the race in 1st place, at 13:36.5, 30 seconds in front of the next boat. The lightweight 4+ fought for a time of 14:36.4, seizing 2nd place.

Congrats to the novice for finishing their first regatta, and to all the athletes who medaled.  And a special thanks to the Dahleens, who graciously hosted us for dinner Saturday night, making sure we were properly fueled for the upcoming race! 

Milwaukee River Challenge

Last Saturday, September 21st, marked the beginning of 5K season, on our home course, the Milwaukee River, against teams like Purdue, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Lincoln Park, among others. Marquette Crew raced their Varsity men's and women's teams, along with both an Alumni women's and men's boat. 

The Varsity men raced an 8+ and two 4+. The 8+ completed their 5K in 18:30.67 (13th place). The two 4+ finished with times of 18:54.02 (12th place) and 20:42.90 (18th place).

The Varsity women competed in both the 4+ and 8+. The 4+ finished with a time of 22:16.81, placing 14th. The 8+ also finished 14th, but with a time of 20:21.21.

Both the Alumni men's and women's team came prepared to race, with the Alumni men's team finishing 7th overall, with a time of 17:07.16. The Alumni women successfully raced to the finish line with a time of 20:16.03 (12th place).

Congrats to all the rowers for finishing their first 5K of the season, and thanks to all the parents, friends, and alumni who came out to make this kickoff regatta a success!

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