Spring Training 2015: Day 2


Rachael Tank '18 (Novice Women)

Major: Writing Intensive English

Hometown: Indian Head Park, IL

Its only my second day on the water but the amount of progress that has been made since yesterdays practice is beyond fantastic. At this mornings practice, the novice women and I got a taste of what spring season is going to be like and also what it will be like to be a rower on varsity next year.

We arrived at the boathouse before sunrise and prepared our boats for our first round of practice which consisted of catching drills and focusing on maximizing our leg power. During our second round of practice, we got to race on the course against our teammates and I could tell that the anticipation for spring season is growing stronger with every stroke we take. At the end of the day, when we have reached levels of exhaustion we never thought we could reach, we push ourselves even more to fight beyond the limits our coaches expect of us.

Day by day, stroke by stroke, we are becoming the rowers we always envisioned we will become, but we will never lose our insatiable desire to improve ourselves. I can tell that every aspect of rowing has brought out the best in us and everything we have worked for so far this year, and on this trip, has been completely worth it. I think thats one of the best parts about being rower. It never takes more than it gives back. 

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