2017-2018 Roster

Marquette Crew is a combination of four squads: Varsity Women, Varsity Men, Novice Women, and Novice Men.



Varsity Women

Head Coach Becca L'Hote & Assistant Coach Clare Frigo

Julia Gallagher (Cox), So.

Jenna Klobucar (Cox), So.

Killeen McHugh (Cox), Jr. 

Siena Vietti (Cox), So. 

Emily Callahan, So. 

Mullein Carbone, So.

Lo Daly, Sr. 

Annie Ernst, So. 

Karina Folliard, Jr. 

Katie Krappman, So. 

Madison Lilien, Sr. 

Marisa Perry, So. 

Maddy Philipp, Jr. 

Marisa Riemer, So.

Ally Rising, So.

Allie Thuemling, So. 

Ally Van Eperen, So. 

Makala Villont, So.

Elizabeth Wojtysiak, So.

Allison Woodworth, So.

Varsity Men

Head Coach Becca L'Hote & Assistant Coach Clare Frigo

Jules Wilson (cox), So.

Will Crowley, So. 

Nathan DeSutter, Sr. 

Rome Gandelsman, Jr. 

Matt Gomez, So. 

Tyler Hackel, Jr. 

Andrew McCarthy, So. 

Max Valerias, So.  

Novice Women

Head Coach Bri Price & Assistant Coach Kait Sanford

Jamie Price, Fr. (Cox)

Hannah Zurcher, Fr. (Cox)

Ande Bilyeu, Fr.

Anna Best, Fr.

Anna Ignarski, Fr.

Bell Sparacino, Fr.

Brogan Kimabll, So.

Callie Scott, Fr. 

Emily Hicks, Fr.

Giselle Aguirre, So.

Gabby Newton, Fr.

Grace Barada, Fr.

Hannah Puff, Fr.

Kate Hennessy, So. 

Kellsey O'Rourke, Fr.

Lia Rulli, So.

Maeve Sullivan, So.

Maria Velarde Villalaz, Fr.

MJ James, Fr.

Stacy Miceli, Fr.

Thea Mauck, Fr. 

Novice Men

Head Coach Bri Price & Assistant Coach Kait Sanford

Andrew Vo, Fr.

Barrett Paschen, Fr.

Cam Augustyniak, Fr.

Dan Marshall, Fr.

Dylan Demakos, Fr.

Edward Davies, Fr.

Emmett Marinic, Fr.

Greg Hellman, Fr.

Jack Justic, Fr.

Joey Howell, Fr.

Kevin Longee, Fr.

Mikal Hofstad, Fr.

Owen Brown, Fr.

Patrick Ford, Fr.

Ryan Nordmayer, Fr.

Toby Frost, Fr.

Marquette Crew Coaches

Becca L'Hote

Becca L'Hote (Coach Becca) is our program and varsity head coach. This is her first year coaching for Marquette Crew. Becca was a competitive rower for nine years with four of them at Marquette. Becca graduated in 2015 with a bachelors in Psychology. She is excited to bring her experience and enthusiasm to the team. Fun fact: Becca rowed in an Oct Rowing Shell (sculling 8).

Bri Price

Bri Price (Coach BP) is in her third year of coaching, heading up the novice crews this year. She rowed for Marquette and graduated with a BA in Corporate Communication in 2015. Bri brings a strong technical approach to the team and focuses on stroke development as the key to unleashing an athlete’s full potential. Fun fact: She uses the word "goober" A LOT.

Clare Frigo

Clare Frigo (Coach Clare) graduated from MIT in 2013 and studied chemical engineering in addition to rowing. This is Clare's second year with Marquette Crew. Fun fact: the only boat Clare has ever flipped was an eight. 

Kait Sanford

Kait Sanford (Coach Kait) graduated from Marquette in 2012 and is starting her first year of coaching. While at MU, Kait rowed for 3 years and coxed for 2. Fun fact: Kait studied abroad twice!

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